Masked white man smashing Minneapolis AutoZone windows in viral video raises suspicion

The white man, covered from head to toe, is suspected to be an agent provocateur


Who is the man in the mask? 

Social media is abuzz as people try to identify a white man, dressed in what appears to be tactical gear and a gas mask and carrying an umbrella, seemingly to conceal his identity, breaking windows at a Minneapolis AutoZone. The store was later vandalized and burned, along with a Wendy’s restaurant and an under-construction affordable housing complex. 

The video of the man, who is white, being questioned by protesters who chase him away has been shared thousands of times on social media platforms. At one point, he seems to lunge at the woman who is filming him.

His unusual behavior has prompted people to suggest that he was a police officer or an agent provocateur trying to rile up protests and fuel a riot in the midst of protests for the undue death of a Black man, George Floyd.

Many are contemplating if the man is a St. Paul, Minnesota police officer. The St. Paul Police Department has disputed that idea.

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