Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change.


The voters who put Barack Obama in office expected some big changes. From the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping to Guantanamo Bay to the Patriot Act, candidate Obama was a defender of civil liberties and privacy, promising a dramatically different approach from his predecessor.

But six years into his administration, the Obama version of national security looks almost indistinguishable from the one he inherited. Guantanamo Bay remains open. The NSA has, if anything, become more aggressive in monitoring Americans. Drone strikes have escalated. Most recently it was reported that the same president who won a Nobel Prize in part for promoting nuclear disarmament is spending up to $1 trillion modernizing and revitalizing America’s nuclear weapons.

KRS-One: “The Ruling Class Of White People Are Psychopaths”


When asked about police brutality in modern America, KRS-One looks back through hundreds of years. In order to understand cases such as Trayvon Martin, the Boogie Down Productions rapper examines the foundation upon which the United States was built.

“Let’s start with the fact that certain White people – and I say certain White people, you’ll see what I’m saying at the end of this statement – certain White people, like every culture, has a criminal element to it,” KRS-One says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “Black people are no different. Asians are no different. Native American no different. Latinos, Arabs no different. Everybody has a criminal element to their culture. When I say ‘criminal,’ it means the common laws of humanity, the things humans do you know are wrong, but sometimes you do it anyway. You take the risk. Things like murder. Even the murderer knows that murder is wrong. Theft. Even the thief knows that he’s stealing. This is the criminal element in our society. We have people that kill and steal and lie and cheat and try to get their own self interest done at any cost, even if it’s at the expense of their own family. So we have this element in humanity, but when it comes to White people in particular, the criminal element of their society governs their society and this is the problem. The criminal element of White society governs White society and so the majority of basic human beings who just happen to be White are bullied by this criminal element in their own society.”

Blacks invaded and enslaved Europeans long before Europeans enslaved Africans


Black Moslems from Africa made slaves of white Europeans for centuries before Europeans did it to Africans.  The Moors enslaved Spain until they were violently ejected.  They continued preying on shipping in the Mediterranean until President Jefferson destroyed them in the wars with the Barbary Pirates.

White guilt over slavery in the United States is just pathetically wrong.  In the first place, no one alive in America today has owned a slave or been a slave.  Oppression and bigotry are not slavery, and while you can take some action to alleviate the former, the latter is inherent to people who want to believe that large groups are carbon copies of hated individuals.  This is an immature leftist characteristic that infects all human beings.  We must learn not to be bigoted, and the Left’s lies that this is the inherent characteristic of the Right is just projecting their bullsh*t onto others.