Leftists “Not Sad” About 2-Year-Old Boy Killed by Alligator Because He’s White

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Leftists and feminists took to Twitter to express the fact that they were “not sad” about a 2-year-old boy being killed by an alligator at a Disney resort in Florida because he was white.

Instead of recognizing the horrible tragedy for what it was, social justice warriors felt the need to inject their demented obsession with identity politics into the story.


Black Babies Used as Alligator Bait in Florida

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It has been pretty well documented recently that, during slavery and into the 20th Century, black babies were used as alligator bait in North and Central Florida.

A guy in Sanford, near Orlando, told this story to a researcher. He said he had heard it from his grandfather.


Divers Find Body of Toddler Snatched by Alligator at Disney Resort

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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Lane Graves was doing what any 2-year-old boy would be doing on a hot Florida evening — splashing around in the shallow waters of a lagoon. His parents and sister, Nebraskans all, were nearby on the beach at a Disney resort here, relaxing, carefree.

Suddenly, an alligator sprang from the water and clamped its jaws around the boy. Lane’s father, Matt Graves, bounded into the lagoon to wrestle his son from the animal’s steel-trap grasp, but lost the battle, according to an account by the Orange County sheriff, Jerry L. Demings.

The alligator made off with the boy, and an intense search for him yielded nothing in the wide, murky expanse of water until more than 16 hours later, early on Wednesday afternoon, when divers found him about six feet below the surface and only 10 to 15 feet from where he had last been seen. He was placed in a marine patrol boat, covered with a white sheet, and turned over to the medical examiner for an autopsy.


Muhammad Ali death: Obama will not attend memorial


US President Barack Obama is to miss the memorial to boxer Muhammad Ali on Friday because it clashes with his daughter’s high school graduation.

World leaders will be among thousands attending Friday’s procession and memorial service in Louisville, Kentucky, where Ali was born in 1942.

The White House said Mr Obama and his wife Michelle will be at daughter Malia’s graduation in Washington, DC.

Ali died last Friday at the age of 74 in hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Obamas will send a letter to the Ali family with White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, who knew Ali.


The shameful distortion of Muhammad Ali’s legacy


Predictably, though lamentably, before his body had even grown cold, they started clamoring to attach themselves to Muhammad Ali and his legacy.

A boxer who, in his day, practiced the most primitive and brutal of sports with the grace and poetry associated with fine art, a man who outside the ring stood in defiance of the racial oppression that was the accomplished fact in the land of the free, Muhammad Ali represented the very antithesis of the hypocrisy which his passing has unleashed from the great and the good in a country that once reviled him.


Mainstream Radio Has Replaced R&B With Trap Rap, Mya Says


Mya shares her belief that trap rap has replaced R&B and other genres on mainstream radio.

After being questioned about the differences she’s noticed in today’s music and the music she grew up listening to, Washington D.C. songstress Mya revealed that radio has transitioned from playing R&B, soul, pop, and Hip Hop to playing primarily trap rap and Hip Hop.

During her interview with Vlad TV, Mya revealed that she does welcome the various fusions in today’s music.

“I can definitely say that music has changed on the radio,” Mya said. “The stations that I grew up listening to, that were more R&B, soul, pop, and Hip Hop, are now just dominated by rap, trap, and Hip Hop. But it is what it is…Music is pretty cool. Because there’s so many different types, genres. And everyone is working together…Everyone’s sort of in a free-for-all.”

Prior to speaking on the trap rap takeover, Mya shared the details of why she chose to go independent. According to the singer, the decision stemmed from the leak of her Liberation album.