by Danielle Harling

Atlanta, GA – Queen Latifah serves as the latest victim in a rash of car break-ins that have taken place in the Atlanta area.

Fox 5 reports that the robbery took place shortly before Christmas when someone took her Mercedes S63 to be filled at a gas station. TMZ identified the driver as her security guard.

Those involved in the robbery didn’t hesitate in taking their shot at the vehicle, pulling up in a BMW, and hopping in the Mercedes while the guard was pumping gas. Both cars then quickly sped off.

Latifah was not in the car when the robbery went down, but was reportedly concerned about a contract that was left in the vehicle.

Thankfully, authorities found the rapper-turned-actress’ whip inside an apartment complex, with the contract still inside, and only minor damage to the car.

The thieves did leave small souvenirs in Latifah’s Mercedes, lemonade and fruit punch bottles.