deandosrandshotFeatured in 2016  XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class (June Issue) & Hip-Hop Overload,  DeAndo creates rap from experiences lived and witnessed. DeAndo’s style is described as “Street” with one hundred percent truth. Bringing “Real Hip-Hop” in an unconventional way. DeAndo is backed up by D.J. J-Soul and both are representing  Atlanta. Paired , the duo makes music to the like of their influences such as Eric B & Rakim, Gang Starr, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Outkast, The Roots, Krs-1, Slum Village, J-Dilla and Pete-Rock to name a few.

Working with music industry legends such a Professor Griff of Public Enemy, MC Shy D; DeAndo formulated the Mix-Tape entitled “The Art of War” featuring M.C Shy D on “Atlanta Is The Place To Be”, & Professor Griff on “Ten Black Commandments” Bro. Otim Larib on “War Horns”,  You may see the duo performing live performances with artist such as M.C. Shy D and others.” Atlanta is The Place To Be” has a Video on YouTube & has  been Remixed and Produced by M.C Shy D.

DeAndo prides his contribution to the world of Hip-Hop as a Producer, Artist and Entrepreneur. With his love for vinyl, to achieve his journey to become a name to be reckon with, by crate diggin, patience, practice, constant research and his genuine love for real music.

You’ll find DeAndo making business moves with the music he creates and his company which presents real talent. DeAndo’s hip-hop with a southern twist can further be enjoyed by checking out his forthcoming project which features a few surprises from Artists and Producers yet to be named. DeAndo is currently in the studio recording on a forthcoming project. Dedicated to the essence of real music, DeAndo dominates the stage, studio and streets with music that will take you back, bring you up to date and take you forward!