An Interview With Underground Artist DeAndo


He Got A Story To Tell: An Interview With Underground Artist DeAndo

“I love music that moves your soul,” DeAndo told me.It is, no doubt, because of this that the independent artist puts so much effort into creating music that moves the soul.“The Art of War” and “The Ten Black Commandments” featuring Professor Griff of rap group Public Enemy, are examples of the kind of content-based music that the underground artist has become known for.“My project is based on activism and consciousness,” he told me; but expressed a keen awareness for the stereotypes that come with “conscious rap” and is intent on defeating those stereotypes.“In fact,” the Atlanta native said, “I also put some club stuff on the new mixtape.”Watch his video “The Art of War” on YouTube.  Also be on the look out for the first single off of his new album, expected to be released this summer.