Chicago Police Shooting of Grandmother

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Bettie Jones, known in her Chicago neighborhood for her work with anti-violence community groups, was killed by police responding to a domestic disturbance just hours after she hosted family on Christmas Day.

The fatal shooting of Jones, 55, and 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier, a college student visiting his father for the holiday, at a West Side home has raised further questions about a police department already under intense scrutiny. Grieving relatives and friends of the two victims gathered Sunday to remember them and criticize city officials who they said had once again failed residents.

The shooting happened early Saturday morning at the small two-story home, where Jones lived in a ground-floor apartment and LeGrier’s father in an upstairs unit. Police, who were responding to a 911 call made by LeGrier’s father after an argument with his son, have released few details beyond a brief statement.

It said that officers “were confronted by a combative subject resulting in the discharging of the officer’s weapon” and added that Jones “was accidentally struck.”

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Conspiracy Theory: Black People Being Murdered For Their Organs?


Earlier this year, 17 year old Kendrick Johnson of Georgia was found inside of a rolled up mat at Lowndes High School. Johnson’s body was upside down inside of the mat which had been placed upright behind bleachers. His internal organs were missing and the cavities were filled with newspaper. His death was ruled an accident. 24 year old Ryan Singleton of Atlanta made news just last week. His body was discovered in the desert of Death Valley by joggers. All of his organs were missing. These two stories have led to a conspiracy theory that there is a black market for black organs.

Dick Gregory said in an interview, “The undertaker that dealt with Kendrick Johnson is the same undertaker from Miami that was used to deal with Trayvon Martin. You mean to tell me as close as Atlanta is, you’re going to call a black undertaker way from Florida?”

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An Interview With Underground Artist DeAndo


He Got A Story To Tell: An Interview With Underground Artist DeAndo

“I love music that moves your soul,” DeAndo told me.It is, no doubt, because of this that the independent artist puts so much effort into creating music that moves the soul.“The Art of War” and “The Ten Black Commandments” featuring Professor Griff of rap group Public Enemy, are examples of the kind of content-based music that the underground artist has become known for.“My project is based on activism and consciousness,” he told me; but expressed a keen awareness for the stereotypes that come with “conscious rap” and is intent on defeating those stereotypes.“In fact,” the Atlanta native said, “I also put some club stuff on the new mixtape.”Watch his video “The Art of War” on YouTube.  Also be on the look out for the first single off of his new album, expected to be released this summer.

Atlanta police officer accused of killing woman he met on Craigslist


HAPEVILLE, Ga. – Police have arrested an Atlanta police officer accused of shooting a woman and burning her body in Hapeville.

The Hapeville Police Department issued arrest warrants for Tahreem Zeus Rana on the charges of murder, arson and kidnapping. He was arrested around 9 a.m. Thursday at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport attempting to get on a flight to Mexico.

On Aug. 22, a Hapeville city employee found the body of a woman on fire at the end of Elm Street.

Police said the woman, Vernicia Woodard, 26, was shot multiple times and set on fire.

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Another One?!? Handcuffed Black Man Allegedly Shoots Himself To Death, Louisiana Police Say


Another week, another unarmed black male gets shot to death by the police.

This latest episode happened in New Iberia in Louisiana. where the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office turned in a report that stated that Victor White, 22, who was handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser, suddenly committed suicide by shooting himself in the back.

Before you begin to try to perform the mental acrobatics it takes to bend your mind around the fact that police always search a suspect thoroughly — and claim they still missed the gun — before tossing him the back of a police cruiser, consider this fact:

The autopsy report punches gaping holes in the original police story that’s bigger than the gunshot wounds in White’s dead body. The medical examiner stated that White was shot in the chest, not in the back as the original police report stated five months ago.

Since the Louisiana State Police began their own investigation into the circumstances surrounding White’s mysterious homicide, the Iberia Police Department has suddenly gone quiet.

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